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We have a reputation for great catering of functions and events. We still do amazing catering but now we also have the fantastic cafe and soon restaurant.

Our menu’s cater for all, with traditional favourites through to modern flavour extravaganzas and everything in between. Our menu is sure to excite your imagination, and your tastebuds. But as you’ll see its also great value for money. For something new and exciting check out Nicole’s specialty The One Nineteen Chakchouka breakfast tagine .

Like our food, our coffee is a dependable reliable and most importantly tastes superbly smooth and adds great value to your day. But as you know the best blend alone does not make a great coffee. Great coffee is about the barista who loves coffee as much as you, who’s passion for perfection is exceptional, who’s reputation rests with every grind and every froth of milk. And of course the friendly staff who make you feel right at home. Thats us alright, we love great coffee too.

Our building is located in Moulder Street just across from Orange’s equivalent of Colosseum, Wade Park. Close enough for convenient and far enough away from town to get a relaxing reprieve for your busy day. Parking is pretty darn easy too. Our cafe is decked out for comfort and relaxation, our light filled establishment is spacious and inspirational while our groovy high back chairs give you the feeling of privacy you need to have those great cafe conversations.

Our passion for food comes from our love of people; maybe it’s the old notion of getting friends and family together around great food or perhaps just the smiles on the faces of our customers. Either way we love making great food. Through our years of experience in food and catering we’ve set our high standards ever higher. We know that when you come to our cafe or experience our catering you’ll experience the “Love on the plate”

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Or call us : 123 456 7890