Emily Cotterill

Director (BSc, BA, CEnvP, MEIANZ, AWA)

Emily is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) with extensive experience in environmental project management, including undertaking site impact assessments, provision of environmental management services, and preparation of comprehensive environmental approval documents and management plans for both the public and private sectors across southern Australia.

Her experience includes working with a variety of threatened flora and fauna species and survey techniques; establishing baseline data and setting up ongoing monitoring programs for Endangered Ecological Communities; undertaking pre-development environmental impact assessments and preparation of comprehensive environmental management plans for both public and private industry; undertaking extensive community, agency and stakeholder consultation processes; and providing environmental compliance guidance on multi-million-dollar infrastructure projects.

Emily also has a strong track record in applying for funding to drive environmental improvement projects, including habitat enhancement, connectivity and threatened species management initiatives.

Her experience with the various Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies, and the relevant Acts of legislation they enforce, is extensive having worked closely with and for these agencies since 2009.


Josephine Dessmann

Senior Ecologist (BSc, Hons 1, BAMAA)

Specialising in terrestrial ecology Josephine is an Ecological Consultant with over nine years’ experience in the environmental field. During her career she has undertaken extensive surveys for threatened species and communities throughout Central West NSW as well as written specialist flora and fauna assessments and Reviews of Environmental Factors (REF) including numerous impact assessments and planning proposals for private development, mining and major infrastructure projects.

As a field ecologist Josephine is experienced in standard and specialised field survey techniques including targeted flora and fauna surveys, vegetation and habitat mapping as well as stream health monitoring (AusRivAS).

Josephine has gained extensive experience in the application of ecological legislation and assessment requirements through her contribution to a range of projects assessed under Part 3A, 4 and 5 (EP&A Act) including linear infrastructure, mining and residential developments as


Anna Uhrig

Field Ecologist (BWSc, MEIANZ)

Anna is a field ecologist with skills in ecological impact assessment, a range of field sampling techniques for fauna and flora, research and report writing. Anna has extensive animal handling experience, having been involved in numerous ecology projects across Australia and overseas.

Anna’s experience includes working with wildlife detection dogs: training and handling quoll detection dogs to help locate the endangered Northern Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) on a large wind farm construction site in Northern Qld; working in wildlife tourism and ecology in Southern Africa, including on reserves as a wildlife guide, in National Parks performing management tasks and anti-poaching duties and in a laboratory conducting post mortems and disease management. Anna has not only gained the required competencies and experience required for working in Major Infrastructure Construction projects (FIFO role) but also shown her ability to blend in and be safe and productive in high risk work environments.

Her experience includes practical implementation of numerous field survey techniques for Australian fauna as well as radio tracking and large game immobilization and collaring. Her personal interests have led her to undertake research into population dynamics of feral horses and work with Aboriginal communities in remote locations in Central Australia, particularly in relation to feral animal management, community views and appropriate management strategies. Anna is the newest member of the TEF team, having graduated from a degree in Wildlife Science at the University of Queensland in 2017.

Her role as a Field Ecologist involves completing targeted flora and fauna surveys, site visits and assessments and the preparation of ecological reports for clients.


Janet Sanderson 

GIS and Data Coordinator (Dip. Exec. Sec.; Dip. SIS – in progress)

Janet is a GIS and Mapping Coordinator with over ten years of experience in administration, draughting and GIS/mapping positions. Her experience includes compiling of geotechnical and hydrological draughting and soil profiling for geotechnical assessments and reports for civil engineering, mining and agriculture industries, as well as collating threatened species data, soil data, Plant Community Types/vegetation data and waterway mapping and calculation to support Environmental Impact Assessment and environmental protection initiatives across a variety of developments and major infrastructure projects throughout NSW.

During her career she has developed, created and managed GIS and mapping systems within a Regional Fire Protection Agency for the Lowveld and Escarpment region of South Africa mostly for forestry, agriculture, councils, National Parks and conservancies; and, more recently, Jan has compiled data and completed maps for a range of State and Local Government agencies and private enterprises to support Environmental Impact Assessments and environmental protection projects.

Maya Potapowicz

Botanist (BESc, BAMAA)

Maya is a botanist and BAM Accredited Assessor with extensive experience in environmental impact assessment, conservation assessment and management planning. This experience includes undertaking site assessments specializing in flora survey, targeted threatened flora survey, vegetation mapping and preparation of comprehensive environmental approval documents and management plans for both the public and private sectors across South Eastern Australia.

Maya has worked across NSW and the ACT, in a variety of conservation, consulting, catchment and natural resources management roles. Maya has also previously worked in the NSW Central West region, and has extensive experience undertaking flora survey in the surrounding regions. Her experience with the various Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies, and the relevant Acts of legislation they enforce, is extensive having worked with and for these agencies since 2001.