Environmental Approvals, Impact Assessments and Monitoring

Peer review of project documents: This is a common way to ensure independence and fact-checking of internal publications. Often this can be done without field visits as legislation prescriptions can be checked via a desktop assessment.

Carry out field monitoring and surveys: We have extensive experience guiding clients through both long term monitoring studies and short term predevelopment surveys. For highly specialised surveys or sampling work we can draw on a wide range of subcontracting consultants, all proven subject matter experts capable of meeting our client’s needs. Through this system, we are able to keep costs down and deliver both a lean and efficient service.

Undertaking comprehensive environmental assessments as part of development approvals under Part 4 & Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act):
We have written a large number of concise, clear and structured environmental assessment reports, including Reviews of Environmental Factors (REFs) which can be speedily reviewed and commented on by planning authorities. These reports are structured to clearly outline the likely impacts of and their significance to society and the environment for approval to be judged. We can work closely with you, your people, the community and overarching agency’s to efficiently bring approval to fruition in a mutually acceptable form. Feel free to ask for examples of our work.

Design project approval and stakeholder engagement pathways:
One service we offer is to step out and explain for clients the approval stages which will be essential for project success. In this way our clients can see the process and work path they will need to take whilst doing the work internally. Our peer review service can support this function further by independently reviewing the content of these stages. Similar to this is designing stakeholder engagement plans and delivering these on your behalf. We have helped present and answer stakeholder questions on the environmental impacts of projects for many clients including meetings and interpretation material.