Access to Funding

We help our clients access environmental project funding opportunities and build their projects. The Environmental Factor values the importance of ongoing environmental improvement projects across the landscape in both rural and urban settings. We have helped councils, farmers and small landholders to not only access grants for environmental projects and use our project management experience and a range of contacts/contractors to complete these projects. Re-establishing native vegetation, rehabilitating waterways and stabilising drainage lines are our core areas of interest.

Through landscape restoration activities, farms can be made more productive by:

  • Retaining and improving topsoil
  • Attracting pest controlling animals (biological control)
  • Providing protection from the elements for stock (i.e. shelter belts) to improve weight gain and survival
  • Improving water retention and movement through the landscape.

Environmental restoration projects can also benefit urban communities by providing:

  • Cleaner drinking water
  • More visually pleasing streets and scenery
  • Community awareness and ownership of environmental issues
  • Greater biodiversity of native species to help ensure their ongoing survival.